Thursday, January 13, 2011

I wrote with heart

Its raining outside there. I am thinking about myself, my life.

I am really grateful to have siblings like them. and just god know how much I love them. Each of them sacrificed something for our family. What made us so strong? Love.

I am grateful to have my super duper true best friend, Lieyana. She's very supportive. Never let me down alone, and I love her so much.

I am also grateful to have a line of good friends. Time showed me who are my good friends. I found some in Melaka also. Thanks girls. I love them too.


I am homesick now. urgh :(
I miss my family like hell. I miss my siblings. I miss my mum's cook. gaaahhh
I miss my 'herot'. I miss my 'jijeng'. I miss my 'bro'. I miss my " bang pik". I miss my ' mamarazi'. I miss my ' abang ipar yang berperut buncit'. I miss my 'asiah' and also little boy, 'amie jajie'.

I miss my mum and dad. "mum knows the best".

*crying. Sobbbssss!!

I am okay. I just miss them. I love them A LOT!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Run my responsibility as a sister. Hahaha picked up my little sister at Segamat. Everytime I heard my mom ask me to pick her up. Big sigh, I hate the road. Segamat-Jementah-Sagil. Sorry peoples especially Segamat's peeps. Hehe.

This picture taken by little girl that i picked up. This picture maybe to express her gratitude towards my willingness as i have to drive with a GREAT GREAT GREAT view. oops, i forgot to type this " ". Its actually " GREAT GREAT GREAT". Hehe sampai Nana tertido. Great isnt?

Haha. Nah, Segamat's Story! enjoy.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another good luck wish for my twin and friends! :)

As we know, engineering is quite tough.

So, bunch of good luck especially to Lieyana Izza! Study hard as your intake is a bit different with others. I am ur permanent supporter, go go na! Hehe

Not to be forgotten,

Shima, Cha cha, Wawa and Ida.

Good luck guys. Its hard, but im sure all of you, CAN DO IT!

Much Love,

Your beloved and favourite guest. Hahaha

Final exam .

This 26th Oct, there will be final exam for us, UiTM students.

So here i am wishing all my friends, should i name it here? Hehe okay,

Phase 1 : Good friends - Huda, Tiky, Shud, Lina, Nad, Fiqa, Sheera and Syikin.

Phase 2 : My ex housemate at Penang ( certain )

Phase 3 : Trusted Penang's classmates and friends.

Phase 4 : The best housemate ever! ( Melaka) yang tak dapat di cari ganti especially roomateku, Hehe :)

Phase 5 : My current classmate ; BBIB 4a.

Good luck, all the best. Some of them is part 5 and some of them is part four.

Whatever it is, G O O D L U C K guys! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

lamanya tak post ape2 dekat blog ni. Sorry follower, busy and too active dekat tumblr rasanya.
well, here the updates, currently baru habis class untuk semester ni. sekarang study week leave.
I try to struggle semester ni. banking and international economics quite susah. Tapi, kite tengok je la resultnye nnt. Hehe

So, study week will be spend at Nana's place. Mak tak bagi balik rumah kl if Nana tak ikut sekali. Haha cute my mum :)

Weekend ni will be spend with something enjoyable i think. Hehe :)

Routine and favourite thing dah lama tak buat. Sabtu will be the day, Yayy! :)

Happy holiday for me!

For Nana, Happy study, happy struggling with books. I know you can do it. Im with you, "permanent supporter" ! Hehehe

For family, Im quite homesick now. ;( IMAOYSM!

For myself, you have two days rest, ONLY. Hehe

p/s : chat box aku dah hilang! ;(

Friday, July 16, 2010

ive been poked. by you ;)